The Unions21 Podcast

Bite-size Masterclass 3: Union organising, education and the mobile divide, w/ Dr Peter Bloom

August 20, 2018

In this third Unions21 bite-size masterclass,  we range from Martin Luther King to "Fortnite", exploring how social movements and gaming technologies can be best harnessed in support of labour movement organising and education.  Dr Peter Bloom, from the Open University Business School takes us across the “mobile divide” and explains why it is so important.  There is expert analysis from Becky Wright, SPERI’s Tom Hunt, and Simon Sapper. We welcome the support of the University of Sheffield's Political Economy Research Institute, known as SPERI, and Beyond Trafficking and Slavery on openDemocracy. (Beyond Trafficking and Slavery is non-profit project combining clear writing with rigourous scholarship to help everyone better understand exploitation in the world of work. Find out more at Music courtesy of Photogrpah copyright of the Open University. A Makes-you-Think production.