The Unions21 Podcast

TUC review w/ Paddy Lillis, Antonia Bance, Worksmart and 90,000 new members!

September 13, 2018

The @unions21 podcast is one year old! To celebrate, @beckyunions21 and @simonsapper joined the TUC Congress in Manchester to catch up with the newest General Secretary on-the-block USDAW's Paddy Lillis to find out how his union recruits NINETY THOUSAND members a year,  @AntoniaBance spells out the TUC’s major new WORKSMART initiative, and we review our standing-room only fringe events, on Digital Transformation, and Collective Voice with voxpops from our stellar speakers including Rachel ReevesAlison Charlton, Jenny Andrew, Jon Skewes  Ali Milani and Amy Leversidge. Henry Skewes is our Production Assistant. A Makes-You-Thinkproduction.